I used to wonder (sometimes still do), if I am using my time wisely.  I used to think “I should be ‘grinding,’ doing work” to reach my goals, but rather than work, I’d go do something more enjoyable first.  I would then beat myself up, and then over time my self integrity, confidence, and courage would ge weaker and my posture would change, and my clients could feel it.  Definitely a downward cycle.  Why did cycles of this behavior happen over and over again?

Well as I reflect, It was because my vision wasn’t clear enough, and my reason for working on the things I knew would bring me more success weren’t a big enough priority.   Its sounds cliché, but as I write this I swear, as the process of self-development continues, I have become clearer and clearer on what I want and why.   Writing this blog is actually very helpful in condensing and clarifying my thoughts.  I would recommend doing some reflection and writing if you find yourself with lots of thoughts in your mind about why you lose focus.   Ask yourself why this happens, and coninues to happen.

Exercise was major distraction for me everyday.  I could easily justify why I was training so much, and even that it was part of my job.  The fact of the mater is that I wan’t building a huge business by exercising.

Dont get me wrong, exercise and doing things to recharge my mind and body are important so I can hit productive work time with a fresh mindset.  Being in direct Sales, and in Nutrition Market, being active and physicaly fit are important and I still do it regularly and everyday.  However, its a little different now.  Nowadays when I am exercising, and especially when I am entering into a new exercise routine, I carefully consider how much time and energy will be required.  If after startinig a new routine I find myself drained, and the activity taking away from my focus and productivity, I either cut it out, change the time I do it, or change the intensity level so I retain energy to focus on he stuff that matters most for goal attainment.  For me, activities that are more intense are better done during the times of day when I am not at my best levels of focus, usually in the late afternoon and early evening.  I work during the times of day when my focus is at its best, usually between 9 and 3pm.

Today I read a chapter from the “Twelve Pillars of Success” by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener on “The proper use of time.”  In the book there is a quote which says “There are many opportunities throughout the day, but only ONE best one.”   Take that to heart.  If we’re 100% honest with ourselves, deep down we know the actions we must take to move forward to become better.    Why don’t we move forward if we know what we need to do?  I’ll tell you.  It’s more than likely FEAR that stands in the way, and a lot of time people tend to retreat instead of moving into the fear to find that what they feared was actually False Evidence Appearing Real.  Your number one PRIORITY to become succcesfull, if committed to and focused on courageously, consistently, persistently, and faithfully, would propel you.  ESPECIALLY if you have spent time actually facing your fears, and have experience with taking steps to over come it and know yourself.

I believe many of us get stuck in what is comfortable, and that can be right after we achieve a goal.  The key it to not stop after succeeding.   It’s beter to keep moving forward, getinng beter everyday.  Little actions and nudges over time produce huge results.  Push through new fears to become better.  This is a process of constant development.  Your last success, was important, but like breathing,  it’s not as important as your next breath.  That is a quote from Grant Cardone from his book the 10X Rule, an awesome read.

Have faith, consistency, courage, commitment, and continue to grow and seek mentors that are where you want to be.  Let’s not give up on our dreams.  Stay on the path of getting better everyday.

Have a beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. This is so true. I have not used my time wisely, and then get frustrated and or upset when I don’t succeed at something. I have learn to utilize my time effectively due to letting myself be accountable to others. Thank you for this insight!


    1. Anytime Clarance, Thank you for your comment. We are in this for life, and exciting times lay ahead as we continue to grow and learn.


  2. Awesome blog post Evan!! So proud of you for your courage and your willingness to share your journey. Thank you for sharing with everyone. Looking forward to seeing your 2018 journey here. 🙂


    1. Thank you Kellie. I’m excited for 2018 and beyond. You’ll be there everyday of the way.


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