Dont wish easier

2018 is here!! The distractions of the holidays has passed,  and millions of people around the world find themselves back into the grind and wanting to get back into the swing of life “normal” everyday life.

I love spending time with family and loved ones, but I also realize that for me, the holidays can be a major distraction that has the potential to linger on into the new year.

If you’re a little off track, take time now to re-focus and take action on the rituals that you know will help you grow and get better everyday throughout the year.

I don’t think I am alone when I say I’ve been thrown off track during the holidays on more than a few occasions, and that’s why I’m aware of this pattern.

The bad habits that can acquired during the holidays (like procrastination, over eating, lethargy, laziness, and just plain lack of focus) can take us off trajectory for a couple of days, a few weeks, or even months, or longer if we don’t DECIDE to get back to our positive, FOCUSED daily routines.  In other words back into ACTION and taking care of ourselves by eating well, exercising, and living with clear vision and goals for the future.

Determine where you want to be in 1 year and make a plan in reverse, back tracking to today, January 2nd.  Then work the plan.  Take small action steps daily, and listen to your intuition, that inner voice, have faith and let it direct you as you go.  If you need to rest, rest…but just long enough to recover, as too much R&R can also cause lack of focus to creep back in.

Recognize that small changes done daily (and that includes time for yourself), will have a compound effect and create massive positive change for your future. Just get better by 1% a day and in 1 year you will be a totally different person that you are right now. A year from now you will look back and be amazed at how far you have come. Do it for 90 days and see you how feel.

What are you capable of in 2018? What does your December of 2018 look like? Is it the same? Better? Worse? If you want things to improve then change is required, and you need to improve yourself. Take 100% responsibility, make no excuses, and blame no one. If you do this you will have an amazing year of growth.

SEE YOUR GOALS CLEARLY. WRITE THEM DOWN. Make a Plan, then work it.  BELIEVE you will succeed, have patience, and enjoy your growth! Be light on yourself and don’t over think the actions you know you need to take.  Over thinking is the KILLER of action.  Offened referred to “Analysis Paralysis” and I have been guilty of this.

Get out of your own way and just start taking consistent action steps to get there. Make mistakes, refine your efforts, and get better everyday. Just know that you are making progress as long as you keep moving forward and continue learning and growing. The speed of your growth will depend much on how comfortable you are about being uncomfortable.  Seek mentorship from people who have achieved what you have, and surround yourself with positive people who drive you toward your success and boost your confidence.

All things great begin with change, and the time is now. You have the power to make a decision that will change your life, and you also have a duty and obligation to yourself, your family, and your community to make great things happen. Are you ready to make some changes? Are you ready to decide and commit.

Now is the time to go. Do not wait until… whenever. Decide and start! The window of opportunity opens, and then closes.   NOW is the time my friend.

Happy NEW YEAR with Love and gratitude!

Evan @ #whatsyourfuel


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